Best Ways to Preserve Your Engagement Ring’s Shine and Glimmer

One of the most prominent pieces of jewelry, particularly for couples, is the engagement ring. Even though engagement rings are introduced during the ancient Egyptians and the traditional adoption during ancient Greek when it comes to reliability, tracing history only shows engagement rings during ancient Rome. This piece of jewelry is known for its glamorous […]

Top 5 Ways to Sanitize Your Jewelry at Home – Infographics

Apart from its dashing beauty, every piece of jewelry holds its very own remarkable story. However, as we often wear our jewelry, its components are exposed to many potential viruses and germ carriers. And with the current situation, we are in due to the pandemic getting contact with virus carriers is the last thing we […]

Her Jewelry: Methods to Keep Your Bijous Shiny and Germ-Free

We’re very much aware of the importance of being meticulous in personal hygiene, particularly in your hands. But, wearing your finger and wrist jewelry while washing your hands with or using sanitizer would be enough to keep them germ-free as well? Getting acquainted with the right way of cleansing and sanitizing your jewelry is also […]

How to Conduct the Best Engagement Proposal with New Normal – Infographics

Although the current situation has taken away our right to enjoy nature outside and get into remarkable places, it lets us explore our creativity when it comes to making things special while safe and sound at home. On the other and, despite the fun outside is on hold due to pandemic, love continues to flow […]

Show your Infinite Love Despite Pandemic

While the global pandemic requires social distancing, the couple’s creativity never fails in keeping the attachment and bond even when apart. COVID-19 has caused an alarming percentage of deaths, business fall downs, and loss of hope for some as it keeps us from getting outside and living our lives the way we use to be. […]

Ways to Spend Anniversary while at Home Quarantine – Infographic

Celebrating long, meaningful, and memorable years of sharing love with your loved ones is one of the best things a couple could ever experience, which explains why anniversaries are considered exceptional. However, with the current condition of the society since the surge of the Novel Corona Virus worldwide, many establishments, including restaurants and famous dating […]

Best Way to Express Your Love from Apart

Distance lets you appreciate those moments you were together with your loved ones; that’s why many couples are now struggling to maintain a healthy relationship while being jailed at home due to the virus outbreak. On the other hand, the modern world has provided us with the chance to connect even from a distance by […]

Importance of Having a Reliable Custom Jewelry Maker – Infographics

Besides having the freedom of self-expression through choosing your personalized design, customized jewelry is also recognized with its uniqueness and glamour. However, excellent quality only comes with excellent materials and reliable product sources.    With its exceptional beauty and extraordinary characteristics perfect for gifts, customized jewelry has won the attention of the market place, leading […]

Custom Jewelries for Self Expression

custom jewelry maker in the Philippines

Even in prehistoric times, jewelry was considered as a universal form of adornment. However, before the rise of premium precious metals and stones, the ancient cultures use shells, bones, and woods to reckon on metaphysical properties strongly.    While trinkets are symbolizing one’s power toward society in history, the modern jewelry industry is launching jewelry […]

What Makes a Great Customized Jewelry for Moms

Moms are known for their unconditional and passionate love for their family, which makes them precious. In times where you feel you’re alone, they always got your back. They are the ones behind our very first cry and first walk, and our smile is what eases all their exhaustion of a very long day. While your […]