Best Ways to Preserve Your Engagement Ring’s Shine and Glimmer

One of the most prominent pieces of jewelry, particularly for couples, is the engagement ring. Even though engagement rings are introduced during the ancient Egyptians and the traditional adoption during ancient Greek when it comes to reliability, tracing history only shows engagement rings during ancient Rome. This piece of jewelry is known for its glamorous […]

Best Way to Express Your Love from Apart

Distance lets you appreciate those moments you were together with your loved ones; that’s why many couples are now struggling to maintain a healthy relationship while being jailed at home due to the virus outbreak. On the other hand, the modern world has provided us with the chance to connect even from a distance by […]

How to Choose the Perfect Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring?

As you decide to spend the rest of your life with the woman of your life, preparing for a proposal should be at its best. As such, it is important to have the finest details for your engagement ring – from the type of metal to its mount and stones. There’s nothing more than seeing […]

Tips in Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring – Infographic

One of the most challenging job for every man is choosing the best and suitable design for an engagement ring. Apart from the stone, mount, and the ring’s mount design, having the right metal for this valuable item is something every man should take into count. Good thing we have come up with the best […]

Engagement Rings 101 – Types of Shanks

Have you ever wonder what makes every engagement ring the best of its own? While we’re very much captivated with the alluring glimmer of each precious stones perfectly settled on its center, the essence of your engagement rings lies upon the state, style, and kind of its shank. Shank is the one that stands as […]

Engagement Rings: Different Types to Consider – Infographic

There is nothing more wonderful than finally finding yourself wanting to settle everything down with the love of your life. However, things might not be that simple when it comes to preparing for your proposal. Taking into count that from its venue and theme to choosing the righteous engagement ring it should have that magical […]

Engagement Rings 101 – Mounts

Also known as engagement ring setting, mountings are the ones that emphasize the beauty of precious stones located on the center of the token of betrothal. It covers the top and base of the ring, even the actual foundation where the core of the stone takes place with an adjustable feature for a more secure […]